Perillo Tours Italy

Perillo Tours Italy – Your Partner to See the Beauty of Italy

Since 1945, Perillo Tours Italy have been serving the public by making perfect travel arrangements.If you are a first timer in Italy, or have been returning for several times now, you are very much welcome to ask their help.

This travel agency is for those who want to enjoy every minute they spend in Italy. All it takes is to provide them your preferences, and they will be glad to take of the rest for you.

Perillo Tours Italy is a one-stop travel agency in the United States that aims to bring people to Italy in order to see the beauty it has to offer.

They arrange customized vacations that will surely give an experience that visitors will never forget. They also create itineraries that are loved by visitors whether first timers or those who just returned for several times.

What is Included in the Perillo Tours Italy Itinerary?

A good itinerary is what makes a travel package interesting. This is what Perillo Tours Italy ensures all the time. All of their itineraries include the following:

1.         Best meal service – Tourists love to enjoy the food of every tourist destination they visit. Since eating is a part of everyone’s vacation, this travel agency always make sure to include the best deals in food service. Breakfast is in buffet style, and a sumptuous dinner that include pasta, vegetable, salad, entrees, desserts and coffee. During “dinner out” guests get to experience their delightful antipasto. Included in the dinner are beer, local wines, soda and mineral water.

2.         Accommodation – Perillo Tours Italy has already established a good working relationship with the top hotels in Italy. Every travel itinerary includes luxurious hotels and not the “tourist or 3-star” classes. All guests can be assured of a comfortable and elegant room accommodation.

3.         Sightseeing – Since you have to see the beautiful place, sightseeing is on a “full blast”. Enjoyable tours and excursions are being created in order to be able to appreciate the beauty of Italy. There are also some optional excursions for those who want to stroll and see more of Italy.

4.         Flights – Upon allowing Perillo Tours Italy to plan your vacation, you also don’t to worry for you travel. Travel agents can book flights that start from your state to Italy. You also have the option to extend your vacation up to a maximum of two months.

Italy is such a great tourist destination that every traveller should see. So, if you are the type of traveller who just wants to enjoy your stay, it is advised to leave everything to Perillo Tours Italy.